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Our Story


The Beginning

The origin of Marques Family Farm started in the early 60's when Antonio Estacio, a hard working ambitious man, decided to leave the island of Flores, Portugal in hopes of providing a better life for his young family. He had various jobs. His first farming job didn't even pay enough for a room to live in.. so he lived in a barn with the animals! His second farming job brought him to the Holland Marsh where he worked for the Visser family. After a few years of hard work he ended up purchasing his own field and started his own farm.

The Present

Fast forward to the present day, where his Grandson Robert and Roberts wife Shannon, own and operate Marques Family Farm.
With three rumbustious children in tow, The Marques Family, farm on 5 acres of mineral rich soil. This soil allows us to grow and harvest incredible produce, while introducing our customers to the Holland Marsh by education and experiences. 


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Commitment to Community

As the communities around the Holland Marsh continue to grow, we are excited to introduce them to our history and have them become a part of our future. 
We are dedicated to serving our customers with the best quality local produce, all while they are creating memories here on the farm.
When visiting the farm you might run into some local vendors showcasing their small businesses. Having local artisans at our farm market, introduces our community to some incredible talent.  



—Jody T


We have been going to Marques Family Farm since the spring. Everything is always so fresh and it’s nice supporting a local family business. They have everything you need! I am so glad I have found somewhere local that has everything my family and I need!

 ----- Katie C

Love this farm market! Their selection is awesome and it is so colourful and fresh! I love the live posts with recipe suggestions.

 ----- Joanne S.

Amazing farm and family business.

 ----- Alxiomir P

Thank you for making sure I have farm fresh produce during a pandemic. For teaching me that free range eggs DO taste better and different. For teaching me that when I buy romaine hearts from the grocery store I have literally LOST 2/3 of the head of lettuce. For teaching my kids that carrots were yellow and purple FIRST. For being super patient when I show up with a veggie from my Harvest Box and don't know what it is or how to cook it. Thank you for recipes!  And of course, for my kids learning to eat what is in season, not what's been brought here on a transport truck. You guys are the best!!!!!

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