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Produce is harvested at its prime to capture the most amount of flavour and ripeness. -Throughout the spring and summer, you will receive a variety of vegatables, fruits and herbs. - Each week, our goal is to switch up the produce, to introduce new ingredients to inspire you to create a cultary masterpeice. - Program runs from June 7th, 2022 - September 28th 2022(17 Weeks) - Boxes will be provided. We ask that upon delivery of your next weeks harvest box that you leave out your previous one. - Harvested for up to 2 adults, 2 child (with extra to spare). DELIVERY 


1st (278.80 due upon ordering

2nd (178.80) due July 4th 2022

3rd (178.80) due August 1st 2022

4th (123.40) due September 5th 2022

Full Share Delivery-PAYMENT PLAN

GST/HST Included
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