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We welcome our little farmers to join us here on the farm for an upclose and personal experience with our animals, farm tour, and seed planting. (Parents MUST accompany their child/children during the experience)


During the farm tour, you little farm will learn all about our daily farm chores, farm lingo, equipment education, plant life cycles and more.


Your little farmers will spend an hour and a half with Farmer Rob and Farmer Shannon.


The little farmers will take home 4 plants that they themselves have planted during their experience with us.


Refreshments and a sweet treat will be provided.


Recommended ages for this event are 3-10 years old. Although all ages are welcomed. (Ages 2 and younger are FREE)


Each event time slot is capped at 10 children per group, to ensure each child has the best opporuntiy to explore each experience.


Little Farmers- Tuesday May 16th 10am-11:30am

Excluding Sales Tax