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Welcome Vendors to Marques Family Farm.

We are very excited to announce our NEW 2024 Themed Festivals.

As a vendor you may choose 1 or all 4 of our festivals to particiapte in.

Lets set the scene, our festivals will be held outside on our 5 acre GRASSED farmland. Our vendors will be located in high foot traffic areas, surrounded by acres of wild flower fields behind and in front of the booths. Each Festival is held to allow our customers to enjoy the absolute peak of the seasons (ie: Lavender Blooms, Wildflower Blooms, Sunflower Blooms, Harvest and our Pumpkin Patch) 

This year we will be having 4 themed festivals. 

1) Flower Festval- Sunday July 14th 10am-4pm

2)Sunflower Festival- Sunday August 4th 10am-4pm

3) Harvest Festival- Sunday September 22nd 10am-4pm

4) Fall Festival- Sunday October 13th 10am-4pm

Somethings to know before applying

Our festivals are paid admission events. The admission is $20 per car.
Vendors will be located in the portion of our farm that admission is required. 
There will be food at our events, which tends to mean customers stay longer and enjoy the farm and everything it has to offer. 
On our farm we have an array of farm animals including, a pony, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, a duck, and more. This area of the farm is very popular and is close to where our vendors will be set up. 
Regarding vendor booth set up, we strongly suggest that our vendors bring a tent as there are no trees to shade.
For those of you using debit and card card readers, our cellular data signal is STRONG
There will be NO hydro options for our vendors.
This will be a rain or shine event.
Payment for vendor fee ($50 per festival) must be paid in full to hold your spot. 
We will be selecting our vendors in categories to ensure we do not have an abundance of "liked items". When applying please list the FULL inventory list of your product that you intend to sell.
Below is the application form to fill out. Please be as descriptive as possible when outlining your business and items you intend to sell. 

Vendor Application Form

This is only an application form. You will be contact for further information.

Which Festival/Festivals are you applying for?

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon regarding your application.

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